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  When naming a child there are many factors to consider.  We might wonder if, when the child is in school, they will be one of seven children carrying the same name.  We might ask, how will this name serve them as an adult?  Will it look good on top of a resume, sound interesting to potential spouse, or (although it made a great name for a three-year-old) make them sound like nincompoop as an adult?

 There is much in a name to be considered, including its meaning.  Our LORD reveals himself to us in his names.  According to one count there are 955 different titles and names God gives himself in the Bible.  They include everything from, YHWH, the name he reveals to Moses in the burning bush, to the Alpha and Omega, the Way the Truth, and the Life, to Cornerstone, the LORD Almighty, and Jesus.  These names are important to us because each name tells us something about the Triune LORD God Almighty and especially about his relationship to us.

 Ours is a God who wants to know you and have you know him.  He is a relationship God.  He wants to be in a relationship with you.  The more we know about the 955 names of God or at least study just a few of them the more we know about him and through him who we are created to be.  The names God uses to describe himself are declarations to us about himself and about you.

 This Lenten season during our mid-week devotions we will focus on the names of God and the titles given to Jesus which help us to more deeply understand and appreciate the why and the result of Good Friday.  We will investigate what there is in the title God gives himself and his Son that reveals how a loving God would give his own Son into death for you and for the forgiveness of sin.  We will also ask what in the title of Jesus reveals more about who we are and how that name recreates us to becoming the holy people of God and the people whose glory will be revealed when he comes again.

 I hope you will make time this Lenten season to join us for our soup suppers at 6:30 and our devotions which follow.  It is a great opportunity to develop a deeper wisdom about our heavenly Father who loved us so much to send his Son and of the Son who went to his cross for us.

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